Wayne Cragg

Wayne Cragg started his photography career 11 years ago when he landed on San Juan Island. He spent two years there. Although he had traveled extensively before this (All 50 states and 9 different countries), Wayne decided he would try his hand in photography. It quickly became his passion. He made it a point to try and get better with each trip, eventually creating a portfolio of photos from places like Alaska, The Pacific Northwest, Nantucket Island and Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Wayne has been snapping photos ever since. He’s also an avid hiker. Hiking alone in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Washington and California has given him the opportunity to explore and never be hurried for the shot he’s looking for. Hiking and a three month bike tour of Baranof Island, Alaska, produced some of the most unique photos in his career. The combination of his love for the outdoors and perfecting his photography has brought him to the website you see here.


He will delve deeply into the photos posted, the daily diaries and the explanations on how he got to the area he explored. His hope is that people will be passionate about his photos and also the stories behind them. Each photo has a unique story.